Why Practice Yoga?

Practicing Yoga brings many wonderful benefits.  For many people, the first benefit is a physically stronger and more flexible body.

Yoga’s greatest benefit is that whatever affects the body affects the mind; Yoga is holistic. Often students are surprised to discover that Yoga has a profound effect on their mental well being, increasing it dramatically.

Yoga can be enjoyed for its own sake, as a physical workout, or it may evolve into a spiritual journey. Either is absolutely fine. As many students attest, the beauty of Yoga is that it fits their needs. As challenges arise in life, a Yoga practice evolves to accommodate.

Often beginners are worried about not being flexible enough, or are scared off by pictures of Yogis contorting themselves into knots. Yoga is not about how far you can get your foot behind your head! It’s about feeling great getting out of bed, being able to confidently put one foot in front of the other and feeling comfortable in your own body.

In essence, a Yoga practice helps us to function at our best at whatever stage we are at in life.